Published on Friday, 18 December 2015

Day 2 – Short Summary

Dr Andras Csaba Darabant

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

           On the second day of the workshop, draft national strategic plans for bioenergy development and a draft regional plan were presented. These plans represent the output of the ACMECS Bioenergy Network. National presentations initially introduced the country setting in terms of the relevant legal framework, existing coordination mechanisms between stakeholders, and an overview over biomass feedstock resources and their utilization. Next, they presented results of focus group discussions and workshops conducted in each of the countries, including a SWOT analysis on bioenergy development, and the strategic plan consisting of a vision, goals, strategic issues, activities and indicators. The strategic plans relied on government targets where available.

pic acmec day2-1

After the draft national plans and the regional plans were presented and discussed, participants focused on three priority issues: the institutionalization of the network, the establishment of a database and the issue of standardization of feedstocks. Participants were concerned about the future of the network, but there was unanimous agreement on the utility of the network. Options to either keep the network as a research based advisory body or to institutionalize it stronger with formal government recognition were discussed. Examples of similar networks were presented and the possibilities of learning from them were agreed on. The issue of continued financial support to the network was also raised. The priority topic of database development was not discussed. In the opinion of participants, standardization of feedstocks may not be compulsory for domestic markets, but rather important for international markets such as Japan and Korea.

pic acmec day2-2


After the workshop was closed, a IUFRO meeting discussed the plan to conduct a questionnaire survey among network members to gain insight into personal perception of key importance to the network objectives. The draft questionnaire was discussed in detail and participants provided detailed feedback on it.


The 3rd ACMECS Bioenergy Workshop Day 2 Summary in detail. (PDF download)